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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 9, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now, convicted sniper muhammad is scheduled to die tomorrow. we will have the latest on where his appeal stands. the man expected in the shooting rampage in ft. hood is in stable condition this morning. we will look at the possible link between the army doctor and two 9/11 hijackers. and ida, we look at where it's expected to hit along the coast early tomorrow. good morning, and welcome to
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news4 midday. i am barbara harrison, and joe krebs is off this mornin in the news this hour, the clock is ticking for john muhammad, and he is scheduled to be executed tomorrow. and megan mcgrath is outside t court. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. time is running out for john muhammad. his execution is just 34 hours away. his attorneys have filed a number of last-minute appeals with the supreme court as well as with the governor of virginia. so far no intervention. his execution is on track for tomorrow night. the convicted sniper is scheduled to die by lethal injection tomorrow night. and his attorneys argue that he is mentally ill. the high court ruled it's unconstitutional to execute inmates mentally impaired, but
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not made a ruling on the muhammads case. and silent on the issue of clemen see is tim kaine. and the victims prepare themselves for another chapter of the painful ordeal. some have chosen to travel to witness the execution, and others have chosen not to. >> we had a problem there with the tape. about a half dozen or so shootings and killings happened before the spree that unfolded in our area, and it's unclear how many other victims mig potentially be out there. of course, the answer to those questions may die with john muhammad when his execution, if it goes forward, tomorrow at 00. again, no intervention from the supreme court or virginia's governor at this point. back to you, barbara.
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>> thank you, megan. and this morning, there was a deadly pedestrian accident in prince georges' county. the car hit the victim around 2:15 this morning. it happened in the 44th block. and the driver stayed. there is no word on what caused the accident or whether any charges are going to be filed. three people have been a you rested after an early-morning police chase wound its way through the district and back. it happened on capital street in southeast washington. officers say it appeared there was a dispute between two people in two different cars, and there were gun shots and somebody fired at the police when they arrived at the scene. they chased a black camaro before winding back up into the district and ending up on a ramp to 295 from malcolm x avenue. police are still searching for a weapon. new at midday.
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a new bus route and a free ride. from woodbridge to tyson's corner. it leaves woodbridge before stopping at the 123 commuter lot, and then they reach tyson's corner. officials say it's good news even if you don't ride the buses. >> it's not just the users that will benefit, because the more cars we can get off the road and on to buses, that will free up lanes for those that want to continue to stay in their cars. >> the bus ride is free during the first week of service, and then the riders will pay half price for the next six months. can you use smart trip cards, or it's $3 if you u cash. and metro, is it doing everything it can to keep its workers safe. and monitors from the oversight committee have not been allowed to walk along metro to observe workers while it's in service.
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several workers have been killed on the job. metro says there has been a communications breakdown and the monitors can be near the tracks if they are accompanied by safety escorts. news4 is connected to your commute, and that commute may be trickier these next few weeks because of the district's new streetcar projects. crews will inall tracks along capital street. you won't be able to turn right on to southbound capital street, and if you will have to take a detour if you turn from the navy annex. and the patterns will probably be in place until the next week, but work will continue in the area through january. we have a gorgeous start. 55 degrees, and a lot of sunshine. tom is here with his forecast. tom, good morning. >> it's warming up quickly. now, saturday morning was only three degrees above freezing. >> really.
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>> and then sunday afternoon, we got into the low and mid-70s around the region. today we should make it into the 70s over the next few hours. in the last hour we climbed out of the 50s and made it into the 60s for the most part all around the region. around the area, we do have it well into the 60s, and now 68 in prince george' county. and it's in the upper 60s as well as cro many locations, in fairfax county and arlington. and right there on the cooler waters of the potomac, it's 63, and it's in the mid-60s. and this morning they were below freezing out of the mountains, and now low 50s there. and mid-60s,he eastern shore, and southeastern virginia in the upper 60s. we do have high clouds, though, that are beginning to move in from the west, and those will be with us in the afternoon. overall becoming partly sunny and still mild. a gentle southwest breeze. temperatures should make it into the 70s in the next two or three
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hours, and then by late afternoon, it will drop back into the 60s. suns today is at 4:59. by dawn tomorrow under a cloudy sky, it will be in the low 50s. that is going to be the end of the mild weather for quite sometime as we get into the rest of the week. we may be even affected by what is left of ida. we will take a look at the latest on ida that was a hurricane but now is a tropical storm. still running on the slow side. live pictures of interstate 66 remaining slow for the last mile approaching the capital beltway. even on a good day it's bad there, but the new lane configuration getting into the loop. elsewhere, check and see how things are progressing around 395 as you head to and across the 14th street bridge. we have a little work zone there, but i believe it's behind the jersey wall, so i don't think it will have too much
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impact. the outbound side of 395 looking good. right now the wilson bridge moving along nicely. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, jerry. now to the ft. hood shooting investigation. the fbi will look at the possibility between a link of the alleged shooter and two september 11th hijackers. kimberly suiters joints us live. >> they are urging the public not to jump to conclusions about major hasan's possible affiliation of the mosque, that also had contact with two 9/11 hijackers at the mosque back in 2001. the center is home to thousands of faithful muslims, one of the largest mosques on the east coast. the website says it's dedicated to the betterment of muslims and society at large. but now the latest from ft. hood. >> doctor and major nidal malik
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hasan, the man accused of murdering more than a dozen people and injuring 40 at ft. hood is still in critical condition, and critically wounded too, the community of ft. hood, still grieving for the losses. >> every person has been touched in some way by this tragedy. >> the private joseph foster was more than touched, and he took a bullet in the hip. he is resting at home now with his wife and newborn. >> when anything like this happens, we just get stronger. >> army investigators and police and federal agents interviewed more than 170 people. victims and witnesses and co-workers of hasan as well as possible contracts at the falls church mosque. and tuesday a massive memorial service is planned and president obama will be there along with thousands of mourners to honor the injured and fallen. hasan is still named as the only suspect, but authorities will
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not say when charges will be filed and they have yet to determine a motive. 16 victims remain hospitalized with gunshot wounds, and seven of them are still in intensive care. back to you. >> thank you, kimberly. our time is 10 after 11:00. hurricane ida is now a tropical storm. we will look at where the storm is headed and how xhun kecommun are preparing. people watch in horror as the dear tries to outrun the predator. and a break down of the game coming up.
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new today, a suicide bombing in pakistan. police say three people were killed at a market in paetsch war after a suicide bomber detonated explosives when police stopped to check him. the attack is in retaliation of the offensive throughout the country. three american hikers taken into custody in iran have been charged with espionage. word of the charges came today from an iranian prosecutors. the hikers were detained after they strayed into iran from northern iraq in july. u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is once again calling on iran to release the hikers. family members say the trio was on a hiking vacation and crossed the boarder accidently. right now parts of the gulf
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coast are watching asropical storm ida approaches. people in mississippi are doing all they can to prepare for the approaching storm. overnight the storm weakens from a hurricane to a tropical storm. it could make landfall asarly as tomorrow. >> and check all the lines, and double-check all the lines and throughout the night evacuate, and there is a place called hurricane hole. >> so far no mandatory evacuations have been called. ida is a dangerous storm. check outs the damage it caused in el salvador. and there are about 7,000 people in shelters there, and many towns are still cut off. and officials have been unable to reach them. but it's downgraded to a tropical storm. and tom is here to see if we will see any of the remanence from the storm? >> in the next 48 hours we could have some of the tropical rains here. certainly a lot of it will have
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rained out by the time it gets here. we will not have the flooding rains they had in elval salvado. and over the last two hours, we can squeeze three hours into 30 seconds. you can see the sunshine pouring down. and gorgeous foilage here in washington. and the sun is shining through the overcast, and the temperature right now at reagan national airport is 63 degrees, and for the record high today it's almost 80 degrees. we can get toasty in early november. and record height 79 set on the date back in 1994. now as we look at the temperatures around the region, actually 63 is one of the cool spots. annapolis, they have a wind off the cool waters of the bay.
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it's only 58 there. but you go a few miles inland and it's well into the 60s across southern maryland, and in our eastern suburbs, and upper 60s now. and around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. if you are right near the waters and getting a wind off the cooler waters, it's cooler. the eastern shore away from the waters, it's in the mid-60s there, and southeast virginia upper 60s. this morning they had a freeze out of the mountains in many locations, but in the 50s there. and over the last six hours in seeing some of the high clouds drifting in from the west, that's a lot of moisture that is beginning to build along the gulf coast from tropical storm ida. here it was 12 hours ago over the gulf of mexico. it's rapidly moving to the north. here is mobile, alabama, and it appearses the latest trek will take us near mobile. and the sustained wins are around 70. and then on this particular movement, it does appear it will diminish in intensity as it comes to the coast, but it will
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have a lot of rain. they could get, 5, 6, 7 inches of rain out of that along the florida panhandle as it drifts east and slowly turns into a tropical depression, and then it will work its way up the atlantic seaboard and come along the carolina coast, and enough of the flow in off the atlantic to give us tropical moisture around our region as we get into late tuesday night and into wednesday. between now and then we have the high pressure off the atlantic seaboard, and the western flow around the high is bringing in the mild flow. and this front will come in and cool us down as the tropical moisture arrives. we will have chilly rains, it appears, by the time we get into wednesday. but for today, dry, enjoy another delightful afternoon, as high temperatures climb into the low 70s briefly, and it may only last a couple hours because of the short daylight hours and that low sun angle. by sunset, we will eventually get right back down into the 60s, and then quickly, by 9:00
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it will be in the 60s, and then low 50s by dawn tomorrow and cloudiness around tonight. sunset today is at 4:59, and sunrise tomorrow is 6:05. and then tropical downpours, depending on close ida comes to the region, it could be 4 inches of rain, enough to cause brief flooding by wednesday afternoon. and then winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour especially along the atlantic seaboard. and that system pulls away and we dry out on wednesday evening, and then we have a gradual warm up on friday, saturday and sunday. that's how it looks, barbara.
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>> good morning, jerry. >> just as soon as i said things are looking good, we have an accident. enter loop of the beltway, that's the traffic coming at us. an accident there with at least one travel lane closed, so those of you coming up from an undale on the enter loop up towards tysons corner will find things clogged indeed. and then at the wilson bridge, we are moving along nicely. no worries there. travel lanes are open. southeast corner is moving okay. northeast, no major hang ups. and there is roadwork as usual for this time of day. southbound and northbound, a little bit of delay if you are headed in that direction during midday. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, jerry. the redskins are now 2- 6 this season after losing to the atlanta falcons. and they are also now in last place in the east. >> with the redskins hovering on
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empty, they came out flat once again. down to the falcon's 14-0 in the first quarter, they end up losing 31-17, falling to 2-6 on the year. the theme, ugly early continues to be very prevalent for the redskins this year. already down 7-0 in the first quarter, when they cannot hang on to the pass, and hill comes up with it. and this had pick six written all over it. hill with a convoy of blockers, he makes one final cut and is in for the 62-yard interception return for the touchdown. the falcons go up 14-0. and fast-forward to the fourth quarter. the falcons are up and adding more. turner takes over. terrible tackling by the redskins, and combined with great running by turner, and that equals a 58-yard touchdown run. that squashed any hopes the redskins had of winning the game. final score, 31-17.
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and everybody still searching for answers. >> is it more aer or frustration at this point? what is it? >> you know, that's a good question. i really don't know. i don't know where you go from here. i guess just go up. that's the only place to go. >> it irritates me because the first half on offense could have been just like theecondhalf. and, you know, it wasn't. that's the reality of it. it wasn't. every game has been different. this one was horrible offensively in the first half. >> this is not anything to do with the front office. today, it's just us doing our job. go out there and block the man in front of you, and let jason throw the ball downfield, and we did not do that first half. >> and there is zero progress for the redskins. these guys not getting any better. with the brutal schedule ahead there appears to be no end in
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sight. next up, the 6-1 broncos at fedex field. 11:21 is the time. still ahead on "news4 midday," why a former football star and dancing star is in trouble with the law. and criminals in our area targeting the elderly. is the answer to surviving the flu as simple as sleep? we will hear what doctors are saying. first a look at what is hot on
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more legal trouble for nfl great lawrence taylor, tmz is reporting he was arrested yesterday in dad county, florida, after he fled from the scene of an accident. he was released on $500 bonds. taylor was arrested four times in the '90s, once for failing to pay child support and for trying to buy track and another arrest on another charge. and then a graphic video, and some of you might find this video disturbing. a deer jumped a fence and wound
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up in a lion exhibit. the deer had to be put down. zoo officials say they will put up a deer fence near the exhibit. coming up in the next half hour of news4 midday, it was two decades ago today the berlin wall came down marking the collapse of communism. and then the health care bill may face road balks in the senate. we will look at problems for moderates. and then the soccer player suspended forough play. and tom kierein will
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right now on news4 midday, it is not as strong as it was but ida could cause problems when it hits the u.s. it was downgraded from hurricane to a tropical storm. john muhammad is set to be executed tomorrow, and he filed an appeal but the high court has not mated a ruling on the case. and the governor has said publicly that he sees no reason to intervene in this case. commuters in virginia can take advantage of a brand new bus route for free. the bus picks you up in woodbridge and takes you to tyson's corner. this week the ride is free, and
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then the riders will pay half price for the next six months, $2.40 each way if you use a smart card, or $3 if you pay cash. and then the white house announced tonight's meeting after days of speculation over whether the two world leaders would get together. u.s. israeli relations have been trained after netanyahu rejected some ideas. and then democrats need the whole party on their side and they don't have it right now. tracy pots has the latest. >> reporter: senate leaders need all 58 democrats and two independents and maybe a republican or two to pass health
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reform, but there is big disagreements on whether to offer government insurance. >> 60% of the american public want a public option. >> if the public option plan is in there, as a matter of conscience, i will not allow this bill to come to a final vote. >> reporter: democrats may let states opt out and the other big issue is how to pay for the reform. >> states are going to be forced to raise the taxes because part of the cost of this is being dumped on us. >> reporter: the house plan taxes the rich, and penalizes americans that don't buy insurance and employers that don't offer it. and this week the congressional budget office tallies the cost of the senate plan, and president obama is urging quick action. >> take the baton and finish it on behalf of american people. >> reporter: if this rolls over into next year, there are concerns that politics could come more into play because most members of congress including
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one-third of the senate are up for re-election next year. the tough economy could have virginia scaling back on its transportation projects. vdot is expecting budget cuts in the next year, and it's more than $900,000 -- we'll find out and check on that. rail and highway projects could be on the chopping ock. nothing something final yet, but we will get more specifics on december 1st during a public meeting in richmond. an unusual accident at the dulles airport. this was taken from a plane. 26 people were on the mobile lounge at the time. and overall the incident did not effect airport operations. just hours before this morning's rush hour commute officials in pennsylvania made a deal ending a transit strike.
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the strike began last week when 5,000 members of the largest transportation union in southeast pennsylvania walked off the job. and the strike centered around pension benefits and shut down subways and buses and trollies, and transportation did continue throughout the strike with the help of another union but not without a whole lot of problems. police in the district are searching a northwest d.c. neighborhood today looking for two men that they say shot and killed a liquor store owner. the suspects killed the 51-year-old hernandez saturday night in the 5400 block of georgia avenue northwest. hernandez who lived in hyattsville was working behind the counter when two men held up the liquor store. hernandez gave her the store's money but they shot her anyway. the police believe the suspects live in the neighborhood. in fairfax county, a 41-year-old man died after a hit-and-run. a car ran into him on friday night near the intersection of
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an undale road. and police are on the lookout for a chrysler believed to be missing its driver's side mirror. we have a warning this morning about thieves targeting the elderly in montgomery county. they often strike super markets and usually one thief will distract the person and the other will pick his or her pocket. and other tactics are asking them to read a label while they steal the purse right off their arms. >> and be aware of who is around you. >> police say potential victims are particularly at risk in elevators, especially crowded elevators. the weekend search for the missing virginia girl turns up empty. more than 500 volunteers in
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charlottesville combed an area looking for some indication of what happened to the 20-year-old student. she was last seen on october 17th, after she became separated from her friends at a metallica concert. a man and his seven children are safe after being stranded in a snowstorm during a camping trip. a rescue team on snowmobiles found the family in good condition yesterday. investigators say their van got stuck in 16 feet of snow. the man had extensive training and frequently camped out with his kids. call it the ponytail tug. everybody is talking about the women's college soccer player that took down her opponent by her hair. now the player is going public about the incident. kevin tibbles as more on the incident. >> reporter: it was a ponytail takedown. this hair raising, hair pulling
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infraction came during a women's soccer tournament between university of new mexico so and bri bringam young. look at this one-two punch to the head of an opponent. and this blow with her fist after receiving an elbow. and it was this move that has made her the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. as she grabbed hold of opposing players shumway's ponytail and yanked her to the ground. lambert was not penalized for the hair pulling at the time, but her coach benched her permanently. >> i thought the girl was absolutely insane! i can't believe she did that.
11:37 am
>> soccer fields across the country many parents, kids and coaches had seen the video and wonder what had happened to the beautiful game. you are supposed to play the game and have fun and not go out there and beat other players like that. that's not right. >> to have that amount of aggression during the game. >> the fact that the coaches and the referees allowed that style of play is ashamed. >> lambert's coach says her actions crossed the line, and something many younger soccer players agree with. lambert, by the way, was penalized with a yellow card during the game for a separate incident. boy, that was really not nice. >> well, i predict today the parks and playgrounds will be packed with toddlers, and strollers, and nice people playing soccer, and yeah, playing basketball or whatever, and throw the football around or
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the frisbee. a great afternoon. we are in the 60s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the atlantic beaches. along the water it's cooler and out of the mountains it's cooler as well. they were near freezing this morning. over the last six hours, we have seen high clouds drifting in from the west. and now it does appear that some of ida's rains may come up our way by wednesday. for the rest of the afternoon, increasing high clouds and mild temperatures briefly touching the low 70s over the next couple hours, and then at sunset at 4:59, it will be likely back down into the 60s. and then the cloud cover and low 50s by dawn tomorrow. and sunrise by tuesday, 6:45. and then the mid-60s for highs. and then a chance for some of the tropical rains moving in tuesday night, off and on on
11:39 am
veteran's day with blustery winds and cooler, too. and temperatures in the 50s on wednesday and 40s on thursday, and then friday and sarday, sunshine returns. another nice weekends coming up but not as mild as the last weekend. >> thank you, tom. >> okay. jerry, what does ilooks like out there? >> this vehicle that you are looking at, right there, had been on its side a couple minutes ago at the intersection of constitution avenue and 9th street, northwest washington. the tow truck is on the scene and trying to get it out of there. a lot of emergency equipped all around the area. and elsewhere at this hour, the beltway at 66, still has an accident in the roadway coming up from annandale. and northbound and southbound 95 between lorden and woodbridge, watch for midday construction. >> even you could have loaned
11:40 am
vdot to pay $900 in cuts, if that was all it had to be. we have a clarification for budget cuts, and now we can tell you they are expecting $900 million in budget cuts, and that means rail projes and could be on the chopping block, as well as pedestrian and bike projects. and it was two decades ago today the berlin wall came down marking the collapse of communism in germany. celebrations are planned throughout the day's capital. we look back at this historic day. >>. today, pieces of the berlin wall are spread around the world. but 20 years ago the wall was an enduring symbol of the decision between the east and west. one estimate says as many as 1,200 people died trying to make it to the west. but that all changed 20 years
11:41 am
ago, when an east jury minnow official -- east german official announced the border was open. tom brokaw was there on that historic night. >> the wall, as we have known it since 1961, a sinister symbol of oppressi oppression, the wall changed dramatically tonight. >> reporter: two decades later, the fall of the wall still echoed with those that lived through the historic day. and some remember how they received the so-called welcome money from west germany. but for a younger generation who have grown u without the stark reality of impost division, it hardly seems real. >> translator: there are only a few traces left, but nothing real. >> reporter: what is real are the emotional stars many former east germans still suffer. it even has a name. the wall in the mind.
11:42 am
kirk gregory, nbc news. here in the district, the museum recognized the anniversary of the fallen wall by hosting their own event. those that participated learned how graffiti can be used as a form of protest. 11:42 our time right now. still ahead, stock prices are moving higher in the early going. we will have the latest numbers for you. and new information on toyota's mass if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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and get a cold. yoneed cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right on the box. it's the only cold brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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just new information for you this morning on toyota and lexus floor mat recall, there are more issues with acceleration than expected. more than 1,000 owners experienced spontaneous acceleration of their cars, and resulted in 19 fatalities. the los angeles times said they discovered the jump in records by looking into federal records and complaints and safety reports. and there is a recall for
11:46 am
umbrella strollers, and the company is urging consumers to contact them for a kit that offers a cover for the fall see piece. the number is 877-688-2326. mclaren says the strollers do meet standards but issued the voluntary recall because safety is their first issue. courtney, good morning. >> well, investors seem to have the ral cap on. wall street adding to last week's gain. the dow up 147 points. things are looking green, even after friday's jobs reports that unemployment is at 10.2%. and asian markets rose overnight. and europe, higher. and it's going to be a quiet week for economic data. nothing today, and we will get reports on trade deficit as the days roll on.
11:47 am
as you mention, kraft has formalized the haus annual takeover bid for cadbury. so of course we continue to follow that story. and oil traders keeping one eye the gulf of mexico as hurricane ida squeezes through energy fields there before making u.s. landfall on tuesday. it could be just a tropical storm by the time it hits, but it's important to pay attention to oil prices and how that will be affected. and not too much higher on the news. and then about one million barrels of crude oil to be shut down in the gulf, but not pecting any lon term damage. that's the good news there. mcdonald's reportedly set to launch a dollar menu next year. higher unemployment has cut into
11:48 am
mcdonald's sales particularly in the morning, as fewer people stop in for breakfast on their way to work. but globally, mcdonald's earnings rose compared to the new earlier. i love mcdonald's breakfast. >> yeah, we talked about that before, and i am ready for mine, even though it's lunchtime almost. thank you and we will see you tomorrow. washing hands and using sanitizer are all good ways to wart off the flu, but according to a researcher, sleep is a natural and freeway to boost your immune system. >> people who didn't -- who got less than seven hours of sleep had caught the commo cold more frequently than those that got more than eight hours of sleep. it's just as important as washing your hands and it's a major component of total body wellness. >> children and adults say they
11:49 am
need between seven and eight hours of sleep. tossing and turning does not count. during flu season parents need to make sure the kids get enough sleep whether theare sick or healthy. and coming up, fashion advice for the party holiday season. and tom kierein will be back with another check on the forecast. stay with us. we're coming back.
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believe it or not it's time to think about what you are going to wear to the holiday parties. fashion washington's issue comes out. and the editor joins us this morning for examples. is this holiday party? >> i would definitely where this to an after party event. and maybe throw on jewelry to dress it up a bit. >> what is the thing to wear this year? >> there are a bunch of different things. not long ago party meant get out the black dress and pearls, and you wear it one or two months. but red is the color this fersive season. the one shoeulder look, it's flattering on a woman. >> are the other colors that we should look for this fall, this
11:53 am
holiday season -- >> anything wintry. black stays strong and maybe the dress has more embellishment. deep jewel tones like purple and dark green. those look flattering on a lot of skin tones. >> pants, how about that at a holiday party? >> women, sometimes you are not in the mood to wear a dress, and it's not working for you and maybe you want to eat a big dinner. i love the tuxedo look. it has been around for decades, and it came back this season and it is really sharp. still sophisticated and elegant. >> sequins are popular, i have heard? >> yeah, we are seeing it on dresses, and piled on costume jewelry, and real diamonds or fake diamonds, whatever you can afford. >> short short, or all lengths are in? >> it depends on what you are going to.
11:54 am
a black tie event floor-length in the best bet, and after work event, late-night party, something short and flirty is great. >> what about for guys? >> well, this is not a guy. >> hats are in to go to the party? >> well, hats or clips. you can put on an outfit like mine which you can wear during the day, and then if you want to be festive at night, get a hair piece and throw it on and it's evening worthy. >> what else do you have up there? >> there is one more. here is our guy. he is in a classic black and white tux. guys were really into the invests. now we say no, go back to the classic look. >> bow ties are back. >> yeah, you want to look at the sharp, classic look, a retro bow
11:55 am
tie that are smaller and classier. and that's a great look. you know, guys should not -- you should not get away from that. it's tried and true, for sure. >> you certainly look great. i wish they could see the whole outfit, and a cute short skirt with little booties. >> thank you. we are going to find out about some of the stories in the works for this afternoon now. pat, what is going on? >> i am enjoying those pictures. got to go shopping. coming up, millions have them and use them at all hours of the day, but there is a warning about a popular cell phone supplier that could put you in danger. at 5:00 today, a burger taste test, mcdonald's takes on five guys and wendys. how about that for a match-up? which delivers the best bite for your burger buck. the result of our taste test
11:56 am
when we get started on news4 at 4:00. >> you made me hungry. i want some hamburgers right now. look at the beautiful sky out there. blue sky here in washington. and 63 degrees. tom says it will climb up to about 70 later today. good day to get out and have a hamburger, huh, pat? tom kierein joins us again now. we have been hungry, and we have been here since 4:00 this morning. >> yeah, since yesterday it seems. temperatures are warming up quickly around the region. already well into the0s and we will hit the 70s over the next couple hours. the low 70s. right now it's near 70 already in southeastern virginia and across many locations from richmond into the carolinas. and further to the west though out in the mountains it's still chilly there in the 50s. we have high clouds drifting in from the west. and those will be here by later this afternoon. high clouds in and out. partly sunny and a mild afternoon. low 70s for a couple hours, because by sunset at 4:49 we
11:57 am
should be in the 60s. midnight, the 50s and low 50s by down tomorrow. sunrise on tuesday at 6:45, and tomorrow morning off to a cloudy start. a mostly cloudy day on tuesday, and highs reaching the 60s. and then we may get showers moving up from the south from the remanence of what is now tropical storm ida. and there is a good chance of thatoming through on veteran's day on wednesday with perhaps tropical downpours from time to time, and a blustery wind and it will be chilly, too. only low 50s for highs on wednesday, and then into thursday, drying out with highs in the 40s, and friday into the weekend. sun returns and gradually warming up. we will see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:55. >> tom, thank you. here is a sight you wouldn't expect to see. a shark in a lady's room. two women discovered a dead shark posed in a public bathroom in beauford, south carolina. the women were on the beach when they needed a bathroom break,
11:58 am
and instead they got quite a scare and probably forgot they needed the loo. and we have news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. we will be back here tomorrow bright and early, 4:55 is when we start. until then, have a terrific day. see you in the morning.
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